Aya/Yohji, 13K, NC-17
Summary: Post-series. Yohji's been injured. Aya's taking care of him.

Aya/Yohji, 8K, R (for disturbing themes)
Summary: Yohji's in a coma. Aya waits for him to wake up. Set before Aloha, but meant to be read after it.

Here and Now
Crawford/Schuldig, 27/?, R for violence thus far
Summary: This is a WiP that starts when Brad is a kid and will finish up sometime after the end of Kapitel.

Yohji/Schuldig, NC-17
Summary: A series of stories written for 30_lemons covering Yohji and Schuldig's relationship through the end of Kapitel--with spoilers for most of the major canon events.

This Is
Crawford/Nagi, 8K, R
Summary: General wrongness, Nagi in a skirt, Crawford with moral qualms.

Schuldig/Nagi, 8K, NC-17
Summary: More wrongness, Nagi still in a skirt, Schuldig with no moral qualms whatsoever.

Fairy Tales
Once Upon a Time
Aya/Yohji, 11K, PG-13
Summary: Once upon a time, Yohji was very, very drunk.

Twice the Morning After
Aya/Yohji, 14K, NC-17
Summary: His first instinct was to panic, but really, if Aya wanted to kill him, he could've done it while he was still asleep.

My Bodyguard
My Bodyguard
Nagi/Mamoru, 45K, PG
Summary: After the last episode of Kapitel, Omi meets his grandfather and makes a new acquaintance online. Er...try not to take this too seriously.

Champion of Justice
Nagi/Mamoru, 11K, NC-17
Summary: Nagi never watched cartoons.



Aya/Yohji, 84K, NC-17
Summary: Becc dared me to write Yohji as a virgin. Believably. I might or might not have succeeded in that last part.

Easy Walking
Aya/Yohji, 40K, NC-17
Summary: After Weiss breaks up, Yohji decides to find Aya and spend Christmas with him.

Lost and Found
Gen Schwarz, 8K, PG
Summary: Just a short thing written for the 15minuteficlets comm on LJ. The writing prompt word was "deserted."

Paper Airplanes
Aya/Botan, 13K, NC-17
Summary: Botan takes Aya home

Yohji/Aya, Masafumi/Aya (sort of), 40K, NC-17
Summary: Aya has disturbing dreams. Yohji gets falling-down drunk. Smut ensues.

Schuldig/Crawford, 13K, NC-17
Summary: Valentine's Day for Schwarz