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Things That Haunt Us
Mal/Simon, 19K, PG-13
Summary: Mal's drunk.

Mal/Simon, 42K, PG
Summary: Simon's thoughts while he's cleaning up Niska's handiwork.

Mal/Simon, 41K, PG
Summary: Mal wants things to be simple.

The Widening Gyre
Mal/Simon, 31K, PG-13
Summary: Shooting lessons, black market purchases, an intellectual exercise, and yet more UST.

The Empty Sky
Mal/Simon, 30K, PG
Summary: Objects in Space, Mal's pov.

No Quarter
Mal/Simon, 54K, PG-13
Summary: Niska makes another appearance. Simon is the man with the plan.

Off the Map
Mal/Simon, 27K, PG
Summary: Simon is uncommunicative, Mal wants to talk, and Wash's timing is perfect, as always.

Seven Seeds
Mal/Simon, 48K, PG-13
Summary: Flowers, candles, romance. And, unfortunately, Badger.

Life in Itself
Mal/Simon, 51K, NC-17
Summary: They wake up together. They go to bed together. Oh, yeah--and stuff happens in between.

Sic Transit
Mal/Simon, 22K, NC-17
Summary: It's Inara's vase, perfect is a relative word, and this is not their first fight.

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