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Things That Haunt Us
Mal/Simon, PG to NC-17, 10 stories and counting.

All Around You
Mal/Simon, 26K, NC-17
Summary: Insanity, reality, and a compromise between them. Set just after Safe.

Mal/Simon, 16K, PG-13
Summary: The morning after the night before.

Mal/Simon, 38K, PG-13
Summary: Strength isn't always found where you expect it.

A Game of Chance
Mal/Jayne, 35K, NC-17
Summary: Jayne thinks Mal needs to relax.

Fifty Credits
Mal/Jayne, 13K, NC-17
Summary: Smut in the cargo bay.

One Thing or Another
Something Old
Kaylee/River, 13K, PG
Summary: How River got where she is. Pre-slash.

Something New
Kaylee/River, 16K, NC-17
Summary: Everything changes.

The Oldest Lie
Wash/Mal, 10K, PG
Summary: After Out of Gas Wash stays in the infirmary and watches Mal sleep.

Secrets to Tell
Mal/Wash/Zoe, 24K, NC-17
Summary: Zoe finds out what Wash did.

A Day Like Today
Mal/Simon, 8K, PG
Summary: "You don't know how good you got it."

A Good Idea
Mal/Jayne, 61K, NC-17
Summary: Jayne's first weeks on Serenity. Things do not go smooth.

Defensive Measures
River and Jayne gen(?), 20K, PG
Summary: Jayne and River, alone on Serenity. Who exactly thought this was a good idea?

Mal/Simon, Mal/Jayne, Mal/Jayne/Simon, 20K, PG to NC-17
Summary: Four unrelated dream fragments. Cows, ballet shoes, Jell-O wrestling, Jayne with a tiara.

Growing Up
River/Simon, 13K, R
Summary: River has a new kind of dream.
Warning: Take a look at the pairing. This is incest. Don't read it if you don't like it.

The Habits of a Lifetime
Book, 24K, PG
Summary: Book's life is more complicated than it seems on the surface.

Jayne's Gun
Mal/Jayne, 13K, NC-17
Summary: The honeymoon was going *well*...

Like Gravity
Mal/Simon, 11K, PG
Summary: Simon can't sleep. Neither can Mal.

The Moment
Mal/Simon, 13K, PG
Summary: Alcohol never helps.

Simon/Jayne and River/Kaylee, 61K, NC-17
Summary: Mistletoe as a catalyst.

Mal/Jayne, 43K, NC-17
Summary: Jayne does some thinking in the airlock after Ariel.

Simon/Jayne, 26K, NC-17
Summary: Instant smut, just add water.

Unification Day
Mal/Jayne, 27K, NC-17
Summary: It's U-Day again, and Mal is looking for a distraction.

Simon/Mal, 6K, PG-13
Summary: Simon considers the weight of silence and of Mal's fist.

Whores and Thieves
Mal/Simon, 74K, NC-17
Summary: One shoootout, one jewel heist, one job offer, quite a lot of sex.


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The Firefly's Glow Archive has more slash not at ISNOCHYS, including Lemon Lashes' Filament series, which is one of the best I've ever read in any fandom.

Firefly resources

There are scripts for Serenity, Bushwhacked, and Out of Gas at, has scripts for the unaired episodes, and you can find transcripts for all the aired eps at Whoa. Good Myth.

Translations of the Chinese dialogue are available at, along with lots of other cool stuff.

South Park meets Firefly. Seriously. Cartman!Jayne and cheesey bao. What else needs to be said?