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WARNING: If you haven't read the warning on the index page, go back and read it. If you don't, and you don't like what you find here, don't come crying to me.
Title: Sweet Sixteen

Author: Eleanor K.

Fandom: Smallville

Pairing: Lex/Clark

Rating: R

Posted: 15 Sept. 2003

Email: emungere@gmail.com

Disclaimer: Not mine. Dammit.

Note: Much thanks to Chrissy for both beta and unexpected inspiration.


"Because you're sixteen."

Clark rolls his eyes. "That isn't an answer, Lex. I swear, if I said I was going to go jump off the Brooklyn Bridge, you'd say I couldn't because I'm only sixteen."

"It's a good reason not to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge."

"Sixteen's a very popular age to commit suicide. It's a very popular age for other things, too. Like, just for example--"



"Stop right there."

"*Why*?" Clark can hear a bit of a whine creeping into his voice. Dammit. Yes, there's a brilliant way to convince Lex you're old enough to--

"Because you're sixteen!"

Lex doesn't raise his voice often. It draws stares from around the cafe, and Lex rubs a hand over his face.


"Lex...if you don't want... I mean, if it's me... I wish you'd just say. I wouldn't mind. Really."

If anyone's keeping score, that was the single biggest lie of Clark Kent's life to date. He looks down at his hot chocolate and pokes at the marshmallows with a spoon.

Lex sighs.

Clark can feel his face getting hotter and hotter. He's got his answer, then. Shouldn't have asked. He can't stand to stay here and pretend that nothing happened. He is about to get up and leave when Lex touches the back of his hand where he has curled it into a fist on the table.

The touch is momentary, but it keeps him in his seat. Lex leans close. His voice is low and rough.

"I want you, Clark. I thought I'd made that clear. You want details? I want you in my bedroom, in your jeans and one of these awful flannel shirts you like so much, and I know just how you'll look standing there. Wanting everything I'm going to do to you. I know the way you'll shift from foot to foot, the way you'll smile at me--I love your smile. I love your mouth."

Clark's mouth is suddenly dry. He takes a hasty sip of hot chocolate. "Lex..."

But Lex is staring at his mouth. "Lick your lips."


"Do it."

Clarks does, licking away the melted marshmallow from his upper lip.

"Love your mouth," Lex murmurs. "God, I could do it right here. I really could. Just lean over and kiss you."

Clark holds his breath.

"I want to. You need to understand that Clark. You need to know...because I'm not going to screw this up. I'm going to do this right."


"I'm not done." Lex's voice lowers still further. "You need to know how goddamn much I want to pull you into my lap right now, rub against you, get you good and hard. It's a good thing I've got my coat, because I'm hard just thinking about it. About you."

Clark is, too. He tries to remember not to squeeze the table too hard. He doesn't think Lex-lust would be an acceptable excuse for crushing it.

"And I'd unzip your jeans and jerk you fast, suck at your neck and mark you for everyone to see, and you'd come in my hand. Right here."

Clark is finding it not a little hard to breathe, but he manages to speak. "What about you?"


Lex looks at him through half-lidded eyes. The look makes Clark catch his breath. Lex has told him...but not like this. And Lex has never looked at him like this before.

"What would I do for you?"

"You'd get on your knees for me. You'd suck me through my pants. You'd pull me out and take me in that beautiful mouth of yours, and you'd look so good doing it. You'd make me come, and you'd love doing it. Wouldn't you, Clark?"

Clark has to swallow more hot chocolate before he even has a chance of speaking. He is achingly hard, and suddenly aware he has been staring at Lex with his mouth hanging open. Hanging on Lex's every word.

"Wouldn't you?" Lex asks softly.

"Yes," Clark whispers.

"But that's not going to happen. Because you're sixteen. And I've fucked up too many things in my life, and I am *not* going to fuck this up." Now Lex is looking down at his coffee. "You're important to me, Clark. Don't make me rush this."

Clark would like to argue more. He'd like to drag Lex into the men's room and-- But that's not a good thing to think about right now. Because he's important to Lex. And because that's the closest he's ever heard Lex come to begging for anything.

So he touches the back of Lex's hand just for a second instead, and he smiles when Lex looks up at him.

"Okay," he says.

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