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WARNING: If you haven't read the warning on the index page, go back and read it. If you don't, and you don't like what you find here, don't come crying to me.
Title: Our Dear Major

Author: Eleanor K.

Fandom: From Eroica with Love

Pairing: Dorian/Klaus/Z

Rating: NC-17

Posted: 30 Jan 2005

Email: emungere@gmail.com

Disclaimer: Not mine, not making any money.

Notes: Many thanks to Chrissy for betaing in yet another fandom she doesn't know.

Apologies and a warning of sorts: I've never read From Eroica with love. The best I could find online were the manga summaries. Normally I wouldn't be so stupid as to try and write fic for a series I know so little about. However, since it's for Kenovay and she said she wanted it anyway, despite my cluelessness, here it is. Feel free to yell at me about things I've gotten wrong.

For those unfamiliar with the series, Dorian is Lord Gloria's first name. Eroica is the name under which he is known as an international art/jewel/expensive-shiny-stuff thief.


Z was the first one out of the boats when they washed up on the beach at Waikiki. He helped haul the major's boat up the beach a few feet and then stopped. Staring at them from only yards away were the FBI agents who'd fled there on a vacation induced by the major's presence in Alaska.

It made him laugh--once he was safely out of hearing range--but the thing about irony was that it was only ever funny to the observer, and only then if the observer wasn't in Major Eberbach's way when the irony fairy, as it were, decided to visit him.

Now everyone had arrived at the hotel, the irony fairy had landed, and the major was yelling. Not at Z, not right now, but he would get there. Right now, he was yelling at Lord Gloria.

"We must have rooms, darling," Lord Gloria said. "We're soaking wet. Wouldn't you like a nice bath?"

The last sentence, for some reason, sent the major beyond words and into one of the speechless, glaring silences to which only Lord Gloria could reduce him. Z let out the breath he'd been holding. It was unlikely the major's wrath would be directed at anyone but the earl any time soon.

The woman behind the check-in counter smiled nervously.

"Sir?" she said, looking carefully at the computer rather than either of the men in front of her.

Lord Gloria turned to her with a smile and a flourish. He slapped his credit card down on the desk. The major growled and stalked away. His own card had been declined.

He came to stand by Z in sullen, boiling silence and didn't speak until Lord Gloria was handing out room keys.

"Bastard," the major spit out. "Filthy, perverted *bastard*."

"I thought Lord Gloria came from quite a good family, sir?" Z said mildly.

Major Eberbach glared at him, but his expression softened quickly. Perhaps he was simply too tired to hold it. He rubbed a hand over his eyes.

"He will no doubt try to get one of us to share a room with him. You will refuse. We are sleeping together." The major paused, an appalled expression creeping across his face. "Rooming together! Sleeping in the same room. You will get the keys from him."

Major Eberbach disappeared in the direction of the bar.

"My, my, sleeping together?" said a voice just over Z's shoulder. "I had no idea. The major has always seemed so averse to such things. At least on the surface."

Z turned and took the key he was being offered. "Thank you for putting us up, Lord Gloria. It's kind of you."

"Not at all. I'm sure the major would've done the same in different circumstances. As it happens, space is a little tight for so many." Lord Gloria smiled and somehow Z knew what was coming. "The three of us will be sharing. We've got the honeymoon suite, so the bed is more than adequate for two. I'll let the major decide who gets the bed and who gets the fold-out sofa. That seems fair, don't you think?"

"Quite fair, your lordship." Z was tempted to ask Lord Gloria to tell the major himself.

Lord Gloria smiled and patted his shoulder. "I'm sure you're both tired. I'll have dinner sent up, shall I?"

He left without waiting for a reply.

Z watched him go. Something about the way his hips moved when he walked... It was hard to stop watching. His hair swept one way and his...well, his bottom went the other, and his hair just brushed the top of that curve, and Z was sure he shouldn't be watching other men's bottoms, but Lord Gloria wasn't like any other man he'd ever met. He reminded Z of the major, though he wasn't about to say that to either of them.

Dinner was served an hour later in their room. Lord Gloria was flamboyantly cheerful, Z was nervous, and Major Eberbach was seething.

The major ate the long fried rolls of Chicken Kiev like they'd dealt some fearful blow to western civilization, which seemed unlikely. Hot butter squirted out of one as he prodded it, and splattered on his cheek.

"Oh, don't wipe it away," Lord Gloria said sweetly. "The look suits you."

Z hadn't thought it was possible for the major to look more murderous, but apparently it was.

"Pervert," the major muttered.

"So, who's sleeping with whom?" Lord Gloria smiled brightly at both of them.

"This is unacceptable! We must have another room."

"I don't see the problem. If you want your own bed, I'm perfectly happy to share with Mr. Z here."

"I am not sleeping with another man, and you are not sleeping with my subordinate."

Lord Gloria rose from the table and laid down his napkin with a flourish. "A word, Major? In private?"

The retreated to the other side of the room, and Z couldn't hear what they said.


"I can't believe that even you would sink this low," Klaus hissed. "You're trying to pervert him!"

"On the contrary, Major. I'm trying to pervert you."

Klaus could only gape for a second. When he recovered enough to explode, Eroica was talking again.

"Obviously you can't let me sleep with him. That means either you'll be sleeping with him, or you'll be sleeping with me. Either way, I think tonight will be...enlightening for you."

"What the *hell* is that supposed to mean? I'm not a goddamned queer."

"I'll believe that when you love a woman was much as you love your tank. Pick a bed, Major."

Klaus looked at him levelly, well beyond rage. "I'm going to kill you."

"But not today. I'm paying your hotel bill. Who is it going to be?"

As much as he hated to be impressed by anything Eroica did, the sheer nerve of the man was...impressive. There was no other word for it. He considered.

If he slept with Z and someone saw--and he wouldn't put it past Eroica to let someone in the room while they were asleep--there would be rumors. Rumors that could ruin Z's career. That was unacceptable. Letting Z sleep with Eroica was far worse. That left only one option.

"Z will take the fold-out."

Eroica didn't even smile, only nodded. "An honorable decision, Major. As always."

A short while later, Klaus lay stiffly in the large bed, reflecting that it was the first honorable decision he'd made that had landed him in bed with a criminal. A male criminal. A male criminal who had somewhere acquired white silk pajamas so thin they were all but see-through. Klaus stared at the ceiling until Eroica turned off the light.

The bed was big enough. Big enough for four, let alone two. Ridiculous American indulgence. At least there was no chance of unintentional touching. If he stayed alert, there would be no intentional touching either.

A few minutes later, his attempts to stay awake were foiled by the man next to him. Eroica was singing Mary Had a Little Lamb very softly, under his breath. Klaus was already exhausted, and the conditioned trigger was too much. He found his eyes closing against his will. Goddamn Eroica.


Z woke up surrounded by the scent of roses. He opened his eyes to find Lord Gloria watching him.

"Why do you suppose," Lord Gloria said, "that they included a fold-out couch in the honeymoon suite?"

Z blinked at him. Lord Gloria was kneeling on the floor next to him, face inches from his. He could see the deep blue of his eyes and the crushed gold curls framing his face. He blinked again and swallowed.

"I... I suppose to save them the embarrassment of calling for a cot if they have a fight."


"The newlyweds."

"Ah," Lord Gloria said. "The newlyweds. Of course." He glanced back at the major, still sleeping soundly.

"Your lordship, what--"

Lord Gloria touched his cheek, and he stopped talking.

"You're a lovely man," Lord Gloria said. "Not as striking as my major, of course, but still quite lovely. I would like to kiss you. What do you say to that?"

Z didn't say anything to that. He gaped. Unfortunately, Lord Gloria took that as permission.

His lips were warm and soft, and Z found his hand tangled in Lord Gloria's hair without knowing how it got there. Lord Gloria sucked on his lower lip, and he heard himself moan, leaning into it, opening his mouth.

The next thing he heard was the major's bellow.

"You!" The major was out of bed in an instant. Z shrank back, clutching sheets that would provide no protection.

The major yanked Lord Gloria back by the collar of his silk pajamas and slammed him face first against the wall. He'd produced his handgun from somewhere, and while he wasn't holding it to Lord Gloria's head yet, the way he was brandishing it in the air was almost worse. The bullet might go anywhere.

Z got up carefully, keeping his hands in sight and not making any sudden movements.


"You!" the major said again. The gun was now pressed firmly against the back of Lord Gloria's skull while the major's attention turned to Z.

Z swallowed hard. "It's just that they might throw us out if you damage the hotel...and you remember everything else was booked up..."

"This pervert was-- He was--" He got redder in the face and skipped the rest of the sentence. "And you're worried about *property damage*? What is wrong with you, man?"

"It... He..." He couldn't very well admit that he hadn't hated it. Not to the major.

"He wasn't exactly trying to push me off, Klaus," Lord Gloria said smoothly, apparently not at all phased by the gun barrel pressed to his skull. "In case you hadn't noticed, though I rather think you had."

Z prepared himself for bloodshed, but the words seemed to have a calming effect on the major. He took a deep breath and lowered the gun.

Lord Gloria turned toward him and looped his arms loosely around his neck. "I would've stopped the instant he said no, of course. You know that."

"I know nothing of the kind. You never stop."

"You never say no, darling. You say 'Get away from me, you fucking faggot.' That's a bit different."

The major pushed him away. Lord Gloria seemed to have been expecting it and didn't even stumble.

"Since I cannot trust you," the major said, looking at neither of them, "We will all sleep in the bed." He sighed. "At least I will know where both of you are."

He set the gun down, stomped over to the bed, got under the covers. He sat in the middle with his arms crossed and a glare on his face that should have set the sheets on fire.

Z thought he looked oddly beautiful with his dark hair and pale skin faintly flushed. He wondered if the major's lips would be as soft as Lord Gloria's and felt heat rising to his cheeks.

He quickly got in, lying turned away from the major on the very edge of the bed. He closed his eyes. In the morning, this would be over, and things would be back to normal. He felt the bed move slightly as Lord Gloria got in and heard the major's grunt of annoyance. He didn't turn around to see what had caused it.

A moment later, the lights went out. In spite of everything, he felt himself drifting off almost immmediately.


There was no Mary Had a Little Lamb this time. Instead there was Eroica's hand on Klaus' arm, stroking gently. When Klaus yanked it away and turned on his side, the hand rested on his hip. A warm body edged up behind him, and Eroica's breath tickled his ear as he spoke.

"He's terribly sweet. I understand why you're so protective of him."

"Then leave him alone," Klaus hissed. "Let us all get some rest."

"His face is just as pretty as yours...and his skin is just as soft. And his lips--"

Klaus elbowed him hard in the stomach and heard his grunt of pain with satisfaction. The hand left his hip, and he edged closer to Z, hoping that, for once in his life, Eroica would take a goddamn hint.

Eroica did, in a way. He scooted closer again, but didn't touch. As long as there was no touching, Klaus was prepared to let it go. He shifted away again until he felt Z's arm under his hand and had to stop.

A few minutes passed, long enough for him to begin to relax. Then Eroica was somehow pressed all along his back in a second, leg flung over his, hand on his wrist.

"Don't wake him up, darling," Eroica whispered in his ear. "Such a compromising position might scar his adorable fuzzy little mind."

Klaus froze in the process of of turning over to strangle him.

Eroica laughed. "You honestly believe that, don't you? There's no possible way he can be as innocent as you think he is."

"He deserves protection from the likes of you."

"The *likes* of me? Good lord, Major, where do you get this stuff? Hush now," Eroica said, tightening his hold on Klaus' wrist. "An experiment, that's all this is. Nothing you'll truly object to."

"I object already."

"You like him, don't you? Above and beyond the call of duty, as it were?"

"That is not relevant."

Eroica sighed. "I could wake him up and ask his opinion of you instead. Would you prefer that?"

He would not. Z shouldn't be exposed to whatever perversion came out of Eroica's mouth next. And Klaus wasn't sure he wanted to hear Z's answer anyway. He didn't care what his alphabets thought of him, of course. But he was fond of Z. As an older brother would be fond. Paternalistic, yes, that was the word.

"No," he said. "Leave him alone."

"Then tell me. You like him? It is a simple question, Major."

"I care about all my subordinates. I would not wish to see them hurt."

"I'm not asking about all your subordinates, and anyway that's not true. You hate G."

"I do not hate him. I hate you."

"Tut, tut, my dear. Back to the question at hand. You will not distract me without far more desperate measures."

Tut, tut? Klaus had never heard anyone say that out loud before, but he'd heard Eroica say a considerable number of things that he'd never heard said out loud before. Most of them had been obscene.

"Yes," he said. "I am fond Z. If you are seeking to use him against me in some way--"

"I wouldn't dream of it." Eroica lifted Klaus' wrist and drew his unwilling fingers across Z's cheek.

"What--" Klaus tried to yank his hand back, but Eroica's grip was surprisingly strong. With his leg over Klaus' hip and his body pressing him suddenly almost onto his stomach, he had all the leverage.

"You'll wake him. Do you really want that right now?"

Right now, with his fingers touching the corner of Z's slack mouth, feeling his warm breath? No, certainly not. He held still.

"He likes you, I'm quite sure," Eroica said quietly. "Worships the ground you walk on and so on. But beyond that, I think he's genuinely fond of you when he's not worrying you'll shoot someone at an inappropriate time."

Eroica guided his hand down Z's neck. The skin was smooth and warm. For a moment he could feel a steady pulse under his fingers, and then the slight bulge of the Adam's apple. Slender bones flowing together into the top of the collar bone. He could feel the irregularity there where Z had broken it in a fall. They'd been on the run for two days after that, and by the time Z had gotten medical attention, his whole neck and shoulder had been swollen. He hadn't complained once.

Klaus smoothed over the break with his thumb. It had healed well. The skin was perfectly smooth. Not the slightest blemish on the surface.

A touch on his own neck made him jump. Eroica's long, cool fingers walked down his chest. Klaus' own hand was pushed down another few inches, pressed flat over Z's heart.

He felt the touch of Eroica's hair against his cheek. Before he could move or even think, Eroica had leaned over him and kissed Z on the mouth. He pulled back before Klaus could decide whether hit him or find his gun and shoot him, and then thoughts of retaliation left his mind abruptly.

Z's eyes were still closed as he looped an arm around Klaus' neck, but his grip was strong enough to pull him down. The kiss was shockinig like an electric jolt might be shocking. His lips felt almost hot, his hand in Klaus' hair strong and insistent.

Klaus opened his mouth to yell at one of them--both of them--and found that to be difficult with a tongue in it.

Z's other hand was on his shoulder, and Z was sliding their lips together, wet and slippery, and he was barely aware of Eroica's hand moving over his hip and down to his thigh.

Klaus gasped and pulled back, and Z opened his eyes.

There was a moment of heavy silence. Z was gaping at him. Klaus stared at his lips and could think only of the vague mint taste of his mouth. That was enough to snap him out of it, and he was about to push Z away and possibly kill Eroica when Z put a hand on the side of his face, leaned up, and kissed him.

"I don't mind, Major," Z said, speaking against his mouth, too close for Klaus to see his eyes. "If you... I don't..."

Their lips were touching. Klaus could taste that mint again, or maybe he was just breathing it in. He felt warm. Z's hand was creeping up into his hair again, strong fingers cupping the back of his head. Z's knee was nudging at his leg, where his thighs met.

Wrong, Klaus thought. So wrong. So wrong he didn't know where to begin thinking about it or correcting it. He couldn't hit Z like he hit Eroica. That would be wrong as well.

Eroica's hand moved up his thigh and settled between his legs.

Klaus could not move. For a moment, he was sure this was the effect of some paralytic device or drug Eroica had slipped in his dinner, because he simply could not so much as twitch a finger. Then his legs parted almost involuntarily to allow Z's knee between them, and he realized it was simple indecision.

He could not allow this.

Z was kissing him again, lips soft and easy against his, hands pulling him ever closer.

Eroica's hand was rubbing gently between his legs, and, to his horror, Klaus felt himself begin to harden.

He could *not* allow this.

Z pulled back and smiled at him. He looked happy and still like himself and not smug at all. Eroica always looked smug after he did things like this. Eroica knew it was wrong, though he always insisted otherwise.

Z looked as innocent as he always did. Even as his thigh pressed Eroica's hand tighter against Klaus' crotch. Klaus bit his lip. He was not getting hard. He wasn't. Was not.

But it had been months since the last time, that girl, what was her name, he could think of her maybe and-- But someone's hand was slipping down the back of his boxers, and he didn't even know whose it was. He shifted forward, but that was hopeless. Z's leg rubbed against him, and it was all he could do not to moan.

"Stop," he ordered. His voice didn't sound like him. So breathless, strained. Hopeless, because he could feel Z's cock through thin fabric, hard against his hip. He didn't think anyone was stopping at this point.

He didn't think even he was stopping at this point, and he didn't know why. He still knew it was wrong. He still knew he couldn't let it happen. He knew he wouldn't stop. The first two facts seemed to have no effect on the last one.

His boxers were eased off, and there were hands on his skin, lips on his neck and chest. Eroica's soft hand closed around his wrist again and guided his hand down Z's stomach. Hard expanse of muscle and sparse coarse hair that thickened the farther down he touched. Z's cock jerked when his fingers brushed it, and Z moaned. Klaus tried to pull his hand back, but there was the grip around his wrist and Z's wide eyes, mouth open and silent but for panted breaths.

His fingers curled slowly around hard heat, and he watch Z's eyes widen impossibly further, watched him suck in air and bite his lip. He concentrated on that and on the feel of the act. It didn't feel so much different from doing it to himself. That, of course, was a sin as well, but he had never cared much for the Church's interference in his personal life.

This was wrong, he told himself, watching Z watch him. Flushed cheeks, strands of hair clinging to a forehead damp with sweat, eyes that went unfocused when Klaus leaned in to kiss him.

He heard a soft laugh from behind him, but if he elbowed Eroica in the gut, he'd have to let go of Z's...cock. Dick. Another man's dick in his hand. It didn't *feel* wrong. Perhaps it was, after all, only stimulus and response.

He'd expected so much more disgust than he felt.

His hand moved up and down, thumb catching fluid that beaded at the head and slicking it down the shaft until the motion was an easy slide. Z was cut, as he himself was not, and a little longer, though not as thick. Klaus had never looked so closely at another man's cock as he did now. Even watching porn films in high school, he had been careful to focus on bouncing breasts and high-pitched noises of pleasure. Regardless of how grating he occasionally found them.

He'd never made a woman look like Z looked now. He wondered if that was a fault in his technique, or if men were simply easier to arouse. Z lay on his back now, panting, moaning softly, pulling Klaus down for kiss after kiss until their lips were wet and swollen with friction.

Klaus knew when Z was close, because he knew how this felt. He knew what the slight squeeze, the faster pace would do, how it would feel when his thumb teased the crown and then the slit. It still caught him by surprise when hot fluid splattered on his hand and Z pressed his face to his shoulder, body tense and almost shaking as he came.

Klaus let go and held his hand away from himself, looking at it. If he could think, he suspected, he would be horrified. He tried not to think.

Z was breathing deeply, eyes closed, dropping kisses on Klaus' shoulder. He looked horribly young. Klaus had wanted to protect him. He looked at his hand again.

Eroica caught his wrist yet again as he was about to wipe it on the sheets. He pushed Klaus' hip down until he lay flat and took two fingers of Klaus' hand in his mouth. Klaus stared until he felt his eyes must be as big as Z's had been. Eroica's mouth was hot, and his tongue curled around his fingers and licked and stroked until Klaus was biting his own lip trying to keep quiet.

Eroica pulled back and licked the last few streaks off his palm and the back of his hand. "He tastes good, Klaus." Slow smile, gold curls falling across his face. "Not as good as you though, I'm sure."

Z leaned across him, chest against his, and kissed him again, but Klaus was still all too aware of Eroica slithering down his body.

Hands soft on his stomach, on his thighs. Fuck, Klaus thought. Fuck. *Fuck*. Then the deed replaced the expletive in his head, and he saw Eroica writhing under him, long nails clawing at the sheets. He saw himself pounding into him, hard enough to make him scream--but it wasn't screams he heard in his mind, but quiet, strained sounds of pleasure.

It wasn't until he tore his mouth away from Z's that he realized they were his own. Eroica's mouth was hot and clever, and his tongue was lethal, debilitating, and there was no way Klaus could think beyond the images that crowded his brain.

His hips bucked up, forcing his cock down Eroica's throat, and Eroica took it easily, took more, took everything he had. He heard his own panting breath, and when Eroica moaned softly he heard that too, and felt it.

Z was licking his nipple, the feeling hot, moist, slick, almost ticklish. His back arched, and his legs spread. Klaus grabbed at Eroica's hair, holding his head still as he started to fuck his mouth.

Eroica let him.

Let him drive up into his throat over and over, let him be as cruel as he chose. Let Klaus nearly choke him so that by the time Klaus was close, shaking with it, Eroica's eyes were watering, lashes wet with tears, though he smiled around the length in his mouth.

In that pause, with Klaus stumbling between shame and victory, a slicked finger slid between his cheeks. Skated around his hole as he gasped, too shocked and too close too do anything more. Pressed in and up, and *curved*--

Klaus bit his own palm as he came, too trained in silence to let out the cry that would have come otherwise.

He closed his eyes then, waiting for laughter or the swirling darkness of drugged sleep, or possibly just for the world to end.

It didn't, and he wished it had.

He let himself be turned on his side, boneless and unwilling to make the effort of resisting. When he felt the press of hard flesh between his cheeks, wet tip catching against his loosened hole, it was too late for anything but violence.

Eroica gasped and almost sobbed when Klaus' elbow hit his ribs. He was silent afterwards except for the faint hiss of labored breathing, all movement stopped. Their bodies were still touching, barely, but that was all.

Klaus was almost sorry, as he was usually almost sorry for these outbursts that left the earl with bruises or cuts or worse. Always *almost* sorry, never enough to say anything because he never felt these incidents were under his control.

Eroica pushed too hard. He always had, even when he knew what it would get him. Klaus couldn't explain why he hadn't done this earlier. Why he hadn't done it the first time the bastard touched him tonight.

Nor could he explain why Eroica was laughing. Quietly, close enough that Klaus could feel it, warm on his ear and the side of his neck. It made him shiver.

"What the hell do you have to laugh about?" He shouldn't have asked. He knew he shouldn't have asked because he knew the answer. Eroica had so much to laugh about right now.

Eroica just laughed louder, rolled Klaus onto his back again, and kissed him soundly. It was a friendly back slap of a kiss, no tongue and no seduction. Klaus flinched from it.

"Nothing, my dear major. Nothing at all."

Eroica wasn't looking at him when he said it. He was looking past him to where Z was watching them both with wide eyes and an expression that was more confusion than shock.

Klaus had almost forgotten he was there.


"Do you have a proper name, Mr. Z?" the earl was asking him, leaning casually over Major Eberbach's shoulder like the major hadn't just nearly cracked a rib for him.

"Not...not one that I ought to say, I think," he stuttered, aware of the major's eyes on him. He thought they'd forgotten about him.

Apparently not, because Lord Gloria was slithering over the major to lie between them. The length of his hair shut out the world once more as he kissed Z softly. Lord Gloria was over him, around him, smelling not just of roses now, but of sex and sweat. He'd never thought of the earl as someone who needed to sweat. It seemed beneath him somehow.

Lord Gloria pulled back only inches, smiling as their eyes met. "You'll let me fuck you. Won't you, Z?"

Z found himself nodding before he could think of what the major would say. Or do. Where was that gun again?

But there was no outburst. He found himself shifted onto his side, face to face with the major. Two pairs of hands on him, the major's arm around his waist, pulling him close.

"Are you well?" Major Eberbach asked. He sounded as if he was inquiring about Z's health after a long illness. It occurred to Z that this might instead be the beginning of one.

Two fingers pressed against his hole, and another hand lifted his leg and draped it over the major's thigh. He couldn't answer. He did try, but what came out was more squeak than words.

The major watched him, still clearly waiting for an answer.

"Don't shoot him," was what Z finally said, wishing very much that he hadn't. He didn't want to give the major any ideas.

"You don't have to do this."

"I--" Want to. But he couldn't say that. Not to him. So he kissed him instead. And the major sighed against his lips and kissed him back.

Z felt the next minutes slide past him in the wake of that kiss. He felt slicked fingers enter him like the major's toungue in his mouth, felt Lord Gloria fucking him while the major kept watch. Their eyes met and held, and the major's hand ghosted down his side, touch as light as air.

He didn't look angry. Z knew how he looked when he was angry, and he didn't. That didn't stop being true no matter how long Z stared, even as Lord Gloria's thrusts rocked his body, and his cock rose slowly again, sliding against--Oh God, against the major's thigh, and there was no way he would--not twice--

But he did. The major's hand was rough, and Lord Gloria's thrusts were deep and smooth, and Z felt lost between them. He had to close his eyes, and in that blindness, he felt himself falling.

It was a simple twist of the major's thumb over the head that made him come. Surprise made him cry out, made him cling to the major's shoulder until he was sure it must hurt.

Lord Gloria panted in his ear as he breathed hard against the major's neck. The major held him steady, body braced against his, and murmured calming words that he couldn't understand.

Lord Gloria tugged gently at Z's hair as he came, turning his head for a kiss. Z tasted salt from before and sucked at Lord Gloria's tongue, wanting more, almost wishing he'd been brave enough to do that. Wondering if the major would have let him.

He was thinking so hard he almost jerked back when lips pressed softly against his cheek. Another mouth joined their kiss, and three pairs of lips licked and sucked at each other, wet and heated and messy, until Z moaned out loud.

He heard a soft chuckle from his left and a sigh from his right.

"Sleep," the major said firmly. "It has been a trying day."

More quiet amusement from Z's left, but Lord Gloria said nothing, only cleaned Z up and pressed close behind him. He flung an arm over Z's waist, and the hand casually brushed the major's side.

The major said nothing, either already asleep or faking it.

Z closed his own eyes in relief. Sleep came with surprising ease.


Z woke to find morning light falling in rectangles across the bed, Lord Gloria leaning over him, and the major gone.

"Your--your lordship," he stammered, voice rough with sleep. "Where--"

"I believe you can call me Dorian after last night." Lord Gloria brushed hair back from Z's forehead. His expression was, for once, serious. "Our dear major was gone when I awoke. I should be leaving as well, but I thought someone should wait for you."

"That was...kind. Thank you."

Lord Gloria--Dorian?--leaned down and kissed him slowly, lingering over the brush of lips and growing heat.

Z didn't object until a knee slipped between his legs. He put a hand on Lord Gloria's chest and pushed gently.

"I can't," he heard himself saying, not quite sure what he meant even as he said it. "Not without him."

"Ah, yes. Of course."

Dorian, Z decided, looking up at him. Yes. Something in the rueful quality of his smile and the way he just failed to meet Z's eyes made him human enough to allow that.

"He does rather lend a certain flair to the proceedings, doesn't he?" Dorian said.

Z merely nodded. He sat up and stretched. Flair was certainly one word for what the major added to any given situation.

Dorian stood. "Until next time, then."

"What makes you think there will be a next time?"

Dorian smiled and rolled out of bed, already dressed. Perhaps, Z thought, on the assumption that his advances would be rejected.

"I'll make certain of it," he said.

He left the room with his typical swirl of gold hair, and the air seemed almost to sparkle where he had just been.

Dorian always got what he wanted. For once, that thought was reassuring.

Z went to take a shower. The major would have his ass if he was late. He thought for a moment, and then smiled to himself. A nice long shower, then.

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