Blade of the Immortal has its own page.

Buffy: the Vampire Slayer

Faith/OFC sort of, 8K, PG-13
Summary: Faith has a new dress.

A Quiet Life
Giles/Ethan, 48K, NC-17
Summary: Ethan gets in trouble, and Ripper helps him out of it. Set in London, pre-show, their first meeting.

The Core
Efficiency Rating
Rat/Joshua Keyes, 22K, NC-17
Summary: In the movie, Rat said he'd like to have sex before the end of the world. Josh helps him out with that.

Selsun Blue, Gore-Tex Green
Tom/Trent, 22K, NC-17
Summary: Tom's thinking too hard. Trent helps him stop.

Demon Diary
Black Ink
Raenef V/Eclipse, 21K, NC-17
Summary: "My lord, could you let go?"

Desk Duty
Dee/Berkeley, 34K, NC-17
Summary: Berkeley's tired of chasing something he knows he'll never get.

has its own page.

From Eroica with Love
Our Dear Major
Dorian/Klaus/Z, 37K, NC-17
Summary: What happens after they get washed ashore in Hawaii--and the hotel won't accept Klaus' credit card.

Harry Potter
Five Full Moons
Remus/Sirius, 22K, PG-13
Summary: Three different view of five full moons.

Hawaiian Dick
Home and Dry
Byrd/Mo Kalama, 10K, PG
Summary: A brief follow up to Mo's rescue of Byrd in issue #3.

James Bond
Charles Robinson/James Bond, 34K, NC-17
Summary: James sees things a little differently after the events of Die Another Day.

Metal Gear
True North
Solid Snake/Hal Emmerich, 42K, PG-13
Summary: This picks up just after MGS and takes Hal and Snake through Alaska and on to Washington to meet the president and plan for the future.

Nero Wolfe  
A Day for Rain
Archie Goodwin/Inspector Cramer, 23K, NC-17
Summary: Archie decides he owes Cramer something after the events of The Doorbell Rang.

Pirates of the Caribbean
Sparrow/Norrington, 10K, PG
Summary: Norrington gets a long awaited letter

Saiyuki has its own page.

Samurai Champloo
Jin/Mugen, 14K, NC-17
Summary: Jin lets Mugen touch him in the night.


Alike in Ignorance
Dream/Desire, Dream/Hob (sort of), 40K, R
Summary: Dream is indecipherable, Desire causes mischief, and Hob has an interesting dream.

Clark/Lex, 21K, NC-17
Summary: Lex comes home from work. Clark is waiting for him. Futurefic.

Clark/Lex, 10K, NC-17
Summary: Clark likes to watch.

Sweet Sixteen
Clark/Lex, 9K, R
Summary: Lex talking dirty to Clark in a public place, as requested by Chrissy.

Stargate: SG-1
Alien in the 7-Eleven at 3am: A Study
7K, G
Summary: Daniel should have known that it was a bad idea to bring Teal'c with him on a coffee run, but wasn't thinking clearly due to a lack of caffeine in his bloodstream.

Trigun has its own page.

Weiss Kreuz has its own page.

Witchblade (the TV series)
Half Empty
Ian Nottingham/Kenneth Irons, 26K, NC-17
 Summary: Ian has doubts about his position. Irons quells them as only he can.