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Honor Bound
This isn't so much a series as a loose collection of stories that probably occur in the same universe. Each story can be read on its own.

Honor Bound
Magatsu/Anotsu, 34K, NC-17
Summary: Magatsu loses a bet, in more ways than one.

Magatsu/Anotsu, 10K, NC-17
Summary: Rain. Smut. Yeah, that's pretty much it. Follows Honor Bound.

Magatsu/Anotsu, 10K, NC-17
Summary: More rain, more smut. Set right after Stupidity.

Magatsu/Anotsu, 27K, NC-17
Summary: Admissions, made in the fewest words possible.

Always of Autumn
Magatsu/Anotsu, 9K, NC-17
Summary: Kisses on the grass

Stranger Stars
Manji/Magatsu/Anotsu, 65K, NC-17
Summary: Anotsu finds Manji and Magatsu's campsite on the road to Kaga.

Anotsu/Magatsu, 11K, PG-13
Summary: Apologies without contrition

Blue Sky
Anotsu/Magatsu, 11K, NC-17
Summary: "You look like a man who's just had a religious experience. Were the rice balls that good?"

The Dry Land
Manji/Shizuma, 14K, NC-17
Summary: Manji and Shizuma have a missing-scene-moment after Rin leaves to rescue the baby.

Impossible Dreams
Anotsu/Magatsu, 15K, NC-17
Summary: Magatsu watches Anotsu sleep and can't quite manage to keep his hands off him.

New Scars
co-written with Tynantblue0162
Manji/Sori, 39K, NC-17
Summary: Manji and Sori come to an understanding.

Other Nights
Anotsu/Magatsu, 27K, NC-17
Summary: First impressions, rice balls, sex in a tree.

Anotsu/Magatsu, 10K, NC-17
Summary: Challenge response. What happens after Magatsu gets back to the Itto-ryu dojo after his fight with Manji. Pre-slash.

This Is Spring
Anotsu/Kuroi, 11K, NC-17
Summary: An early experiment in non-traditional weapons.

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